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Inspiration for the Aquarian Collection

Updated: May 1, 2022

"Once we believe in ourselves,

we can risk curiosity,

wonder, spontaneous delight,

or any experience that reveals the human spirit." -

e.e. cummings

Have you ever noticed when ideas form, then nurtured with time and attention to detail, the outcome can be tremendous. In January, I wrote about sensing a buoyant wave of inspiration that was the beginning of the Aquarian Collection. During the months since then, there were times I was moved by relentless and uplifting waves of creativity and times where I felt challenged with certain aspects of the process (threading the needles for beadwork and embroidery). The good news is the collection is nearing completion and on May Day I will release the Aquarian Collection to my vip email community. You can get first dibs on the collection, simply enter your email in the subscription box at the bottom of the page!

I created 21 one-of-a-kind pieces for the Aquarian Collection full of special details and charm, built on a foundation of special bits & bobs of partially completed swaths of silk that were rediscovered in my studio on hangers and other fantastic elements to deliver a beautifully detailed collection of wardrobe accessories, jewelry, wearables and housewares.

I'm sure you'll love the limited edition vintage French linen sachet sets. I scored 8 fabulous blue & white French linen placemats at a tag sale this season, and they insisted that they be made into envelopes to enclose a set of organic lavender & bay leaf sachets.

This collection is close to my heart, including Shibori dyed fabric that I’ve treasured for years, making a debut as a long beaded scarf and a pair of embroidered moon phase wall hangings. There are a couple of darling bias cut slip dresses, special jewelry items and more!

Every item is hand crafted and one of a kind, made with love in Ashland Oregon.

By bringing together different ideas, fabrics and materials under one roof and giving them a place to grow, I've stretched what's possible for me creatively with this collection. I hope you will appreciate the beauty of the Aquarian Collection and share the Joy with your closest friends.

Joy Hand Painted Silk is an independent handmade studio in Ashland, Oregon.

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