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 "I have 4 of Joy's ruanas. Each one is a true work of dramatic art, and each is made with exquisite detail. She's a brilliant magician in color choices. For those considering one of Joy's ruanas, please note, the photos never do them justice; they're always more fabulous and substantial in real life! If you don't mind compliments on what you're wearing, then do wear one of her ruanas. They work great either with jeans or evening wear. She's also a joy to order from."

"Love my ruana! It’s so versatile as well as beautiful. I receive so many compliments - and it works with everything" - Marcia 

"Absolutely gorgeous and extravagant addition to my wardrobe....the colors are luscious, the workmanship is absolutely great transaction from a real artisan!"

"This wonderful wearable art arrived very fast. I was amazed that it in fact was much nicer then the picture could show.If you have never owned anything made of silk then treat yourself to one of Joy Light's wonderful wearable arts. Even better buy a few items and give a gift that will remind the wearer you care enough to give the gift of silk."

 "This ruana is simply lovely, a confection of spring colors. I've gotten so many wonderful compliments on it already. Everyone who sees it experiences it as a visual treat. It is one of many silks I've purchased from Joy, and I'm so happy to add it to my collection."

"I've ordered several scarves from Joy and have always been thrilled. The handwritten note adds that special touch. Love!"- Heidi 

"A photograph can't do this piece justice, it's EXQUISITE! Joy, You're an absolute JOY and I'm thrilled to have such a beautiful piece of your work! Patrick absolutely flipped over it (like I knew he would) ... xxx"

"It is such a beautiful boa and I love it! Joy answered all my questions promptly and patiently! It was an enjoyable shopping experience!"- Andrea

"I wanted to thank you for the beautiful ruana this year. Each woman looked so magnificent in her new wings. And thank you also and especially for the gorgeous giant kanfot, which our community will treasure and use for ceremonies and blessings in the future. We were astonished when it was revealed. What a gift! We continue to be grateful for our community's partnership with you, and for your creativity and artistry which are so inspiring."- Jill

"What a lovely way to bring the colors of the rainbow into your life environment! I bought 2 of these scarves, one for me and one for a friend, and we both are enjoying the light and beauty of Nature captured within them."

"I love Joy's work. I have been wearing her scarf creations since 2013. I love her use of color and designs. Love my latest!"- Peggy

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