Meet Joy Light Designer

Joy's artisan accessories are handcrafted with love in Ashland, Oregon

Joy Light is a fashion designer based in Ashland, Oregon and has been painting silk and offering her beautiful creations to the world since 1989. Magnetized by color and a love of providing a way to empower women by encouraging their self expression in a world trying to tell them what to be.

Passionate, empathetic and driven, not only is Joy an amazing designer with a unique perspective on fashion, she crafts each order with a dedication and love that truly shows in her creations.

Inspired by a love for life and bringing more beauty to the world, she is changing the fashion industry, one joyful customer at a time. 

"I love Joy's work. I have been wearing her scarf creations since 2013. I love her use of color and designs. Love my latest!"

"I wanted to thank you for the beautiful kanfot this year. Each woman looked so magnificient in her new wings. And thank you also and especially for the gorgeous giant kanfot which our community will treasure and use for ceremonies and blessings in the future. We were astonished when it was revealed. What a gift! We continue to be grateful for our community's partnership with you, and for your creativity and artistry which are so inspiring."

"It is such a beautiful boa and I love it! Joy answered all my questions promptly and patiently! It was an enjoyable shopping experience!"

- Peggy - 

- Jill - 

- Andrea - 

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