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Spread the Love! Sneak Peek of the All-New Spring LE Print Collection

Five Glorious New Limited Edition Prints - Coming Soon! Winter doldrums don't stand a chance against Joy's understatedly elegant new prints. Spring's just around the corner - don't wait to update your wardrobe staples with some fresh new accessories from the February Collection. Here in wintry southern Oregon, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of Spring. It's been so much fun sourcing these gorgeous fabrics for you, while we wait for the seasons to shift!

Destined to become a family heirloom, this incredible Matcha Green Acanthus Leaf Brocade Shawl features a classic Byzantine motif in an inspiring spring palette. Plus: It's lined with soft merino wool for warmth, comfort and ultimate versatility!

This sheer abstract Chevron pattern in powder blue and grey chiffon evokes a nautical feeling, reminding me of ocean whitecaps on a windy day or echoing the bright soft colors of a winter sky.

Joy Silk's whimsical Black & White Dandelion Pouf of sheerest chiffon is tantalizing nod to lazy summer days that loom a long way off in the future. Crepe de chine Chartreuse pairs with black & white for a crisp addition to brighten up your Spring wardrobe and take you sailing into Summer. Saving the best for last, our charmeuse Midnight Blue Feather print delights you with its' buttery softness and luxurious drape.

Want more exclusives? Sign up for our First Friday / First Dibs newsletter for early access to Joy Silk's exciting Limited Edition Print Collections. Ask yourself... what would Elsa Klensch do??

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Gorgeous! I especially love the Matcha, Dandelion, and Midnight Blue.

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