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Autumn Collection & Inspiration

As the seasons change from Summer to Autumn, we notice the days shorten, the quality of the light changes. In Fall the days can be bright or blustery as brisk breezes turn colder and unpredictable frosty mornings can give way to fresh magnificent afternoons. Layering a hand painted silk ruana with a scarf or shawl with your blouses and sweaters is the simplest way to feel just right!

Update your Style

Along with the weather changes so do your wardrobe needs change! A silk scarf is the perfect pick me up for your wardrobe Next, add colorful layers, draping flattering silk scarves and shawls to bring beautiful style, color and warmth to your favorite staples.

This season's hand painted silk limited edition collection is inspired by natures elements of splendor and decay to symbolize the shift from the lushness of summer gardens and busy-ness of the bees collecting pollen from the flowers to fall's colorful display.

Natural Inspirations

Earth tones predominate this Limited Edition. I chose Amber, Canyon and Geode (from the Earth Collection), and Ember (from the Fire Collection) to embody a chic cozy vibe.The scarves and shawls from the Heather and Water Collections shown below are one of a kind hand painted art to wear originals.

The alluring ombré of Royal Verdigris from the Water Collection alludes to the elegant decay prevalent of the seasons changing.

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Wrap yourself in luxury! Our signature hand painted wearable art silk Ruana is similar to a cape, open in front and worn as a wrap, a shawl or even a scarf. It can be tied and draped in various ways for multiple looks.

Checking things off your gift list? When you support a small business, those gifts just mean more. Thank you for your patronage!

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