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Woman with long hair draped in colorful hand painted silk scarves facing away towards the sunset

Hand-Painted Silk Scarves & Wraps

One-of-a-Kind Wearable Art

Individually hand-painted, Joy’s signature Ruana is prized as a highly versatile addition to your wardrobe.


Similar to a cape, open in front and often worn as a wrap. Lightweight, sheer and flowing chiffon is edged and trimmed with a bit of satin that adds just the right weight for a perfect effortless drape. From special occasions to everyday fashion, there are endless ways to effortlessly wear Joy Silk in style.


Count the compliments as you tie one on!


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Earth Ruana Collection
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Gentle energy patterns of rock and sand ground your style in sophistication. Earth made ethereal.

Water Ruana Collection

Translucent mysteries of aquatic atmospheres. Water... the infinitely gracious element of giving.

Fire Ruana Collection

Glowing radiance inspires magnetic attraction. Fire is brilliantly stylish, enclosing striking intensity.



Select from a one-of-a-kind, exquisitely colorful assortment of shawls, ponchos and scarves.

Be renewed and transformed with Peacock.

Peacock collection of shawls and scarves


I am magnetized by color and inspired by silk, an amazingly soft, sensuous and durable fabric.


Bringing pleasure from the eye to the heart, each piece has its own personality and life of its own. Even to the artist, the work reveals itself -- that is the mystical quality, the craft.



Nurturing elegance, effortlessly chic.

A whispered invitation to hushed mountain landscapes.

Heather collection
heather Gold Ruana
heather Silver Ruana
I love Joy’s work. I have been wearing her scarf creations since 2013. I love her use of color and designs. Love my latest! - Peggy  
I've ordered several scarves from Joy and have always been thrilled. The handwritten note adds that special touch. Love!- Heidi 
Love my ruana! It’s so versatile as well as beautiful. I receive so many compliments - and it works with everything in my wardrobe- Marcia 
Thank you for the beautiful ruana.We are grateful for your artistry and creativity. So inspiring! - Andrea


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