Care Instructions:


Dry clean or hand wash in cold water with a bit of shampoo, roll in a towel to blot, hang to dry, and iron as necessary. With a bit of care, your hand painted silk accessory will give you a lifetime of enjoyment! 

Silk Shawl - Sapphire, Gold & Emerald

  • This luxurious silk shawl measures 20 x 90 inches. I conceived this design with a nod to G.Klimt an Austrian symbolist painted. Accented with metallic gold, the soft beige background hosts a colorful assortment of sapphire and emerald gems. Deep hems add to the elegant luxury of this one of a kind painted silk fashion accessory. This art to wear shawl is very wearable and easy to style in a variety of ways, in any setting.

    Silk scarves add polish to your look -- tie one on and the compliments follow. There is no fixed rules as to how and what to wear in scarves. Silk scarf styling is versatile and diverse as the draping style you come up with.

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