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Silk Shawl - Powder Blue Chevron Print Georgette Petite Shawl

Silk Shawl - Powder Blue Chevron Print Georgette Petite Shawl


Powder Blue Chevron Petite Shawl from The Limited Edition Collection


Detailed Description:
Indulge in the allure of the Powder Blue Chevron Print, this semi-sheer skinny scarf features an abstract chevron pattern in powder blue, grey and white, reminiscent of ocean whitecaps or the serene hues of a winter sky. Each piece measures 13 x 70 inches, meticulously finished with machine-sewn hems, ensuring durability and timeless beauty.


    Product Highlights:

    Handmade with love in Ashland, Oregon, this limited production of three guarantees exclusivity and artisanal quality. Versatile and luxurious, Joy's Chevron Print adds a refined touch to any ensemble, offering endless styling possibilities for every occasion.


    Elevate your wardrobe with this versatile and elegant accessory. Order now to make it yours and explore more graphic prints in our collection.


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    • 13 x 70 inches
    • 100% pure Silk Georgette
    • Limited Edition of Three Petite Shawls.
    • Silk Care
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