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Silk Scarf - Rainbow China Silk Skinny Scarf

Silk Scarf - Rainbow China Silk Skinny Scarf


From Joy's New Peridot Collection, the Rainbow Skinny Scarf is s soft and luminous rainbow of richly hued colors. This art to wear hand painted silk scarf a cheerful and vibrant addition to your wardrobe!  This one of a kind fashion scarf is the perfect compliment to your style all year long. Style it with jeans, tie it in your hair or around the brim of your hat. 

This art to wear fashion scarf makes an ideal gift, very wearable for any occasion all through the year. Easy to ship!


  • 8 x 72 inches
  • 100% hand painted Habutai silk
  • Made by-hand with love in Ashland, Oregon, USA
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