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Care Instructions:


Dry clean or hand wash in cold water with a bit of shampoo, roll in a towel to blot, hang to dry, and iron as necessary. With a bit of care, your hand painted silk accessory will give you a lifetime of enjoyment! 

Silk Ruana- Azul

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  • Moody shades of deep lapis blue and orchid purple are featured in this gorgeous silk wrap. A ruana is like a cape but open on the sides. Perfect travel accessory. This is a popular choice for the mother of the bride or groom. Measures 42x79 inches. 

    The ruana is so versatile and allows you to enhance your personal style with ease and beauty. Lightweight sheer and flowing chiffon edged and trimmed with a bit of satin adding just the right weight for perfect drape.. Works with elegant and casual outfits. Perfect shawl for summer, winter, spring or fall!

    A ruana is similar to a cape, but more versatile, very wearable. Open on the sides, there are so many ways to drape and wrap. This special occasion piece can be worn as a scarf for everyday style and comfort in cooler weather. The satin trim creates a perfect drape every time.