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Classic Black and White Reversible Silk Shawl, Cream silk mesh with gunmetal sequins backed with black taffeta

Silk Shawl - Reversible Anthracite Sequin Silk Taffeta


Reversible Sequin Silk Taffeta Shawl from The Limited Edition Collection


Detailed Description:

The crushed black taffeta provides a rich, textured look, while the sequinned silk mesh adds a touch of glamour with its delicate sparkle. This unique, reversible design allows you to effortlessly switch between a more understated, matte finish and a dazzling, eye-catching shimmer, making it suitable for any occasion.


    Product Highlights:

    Made by-hand with love in Ashland, Oregon, this limited production of four guarantees exclusivity and artisanal quality. Versatile and luxurious, Joy's Sequin Taffeta Shawl adds a refined touch to any ensemble.


    Discover timeless elegance with our classic black and white reversible silk shawl. This limited edition piece features a stunning combination of crushed black taffeta on one side and sequinned silk mesh on the other, creating a versatile accessory that defines modern sophistication.


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    • 20 x 90 inches
    • 100% pure Silk Mesh with Sequins and Silk Taffeta 
    • Limited Edition of Four Reversible Petite Shawls.
    • Silk Care
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