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Silk Scarf - Hibiscus Silk Satin Devoré

Silk Scarf - Hibiscus Silk Satin Devoré


Look and feel your best in our light-as-a-feather Hibiscus Scarf. Hibiscus is a vivid ombré of rosy shades of red, pink and coral from Joy's Fire Collection


Hand painted silk devoré, also known as burn out satin, in cheerful bright shades of red and rose. This vivid scarf from the Fire Collection embodies an ombré of beautiful shades of red and rose. Style it with your day to day basics or a skirt and jacket for a professional look. 


Smooth as silk, this beautiful scarf is a perfect gift for any occasion and very wearable all year long. There is nothing as soft as silk against your skin.Be comfortable and fashionable with this one of a kind hand painted silk scarf. A versatile fashion fix when you want a little something to cheer you up!


  • 15 x 72 inches
  • Composition:  silk/rayon devoré 
  • Made by-hand with love in Ashland, Oregon, USA
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