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Silk Scarf - Amber Chiffon3

Silk Scarf - Amber Chiffon


Amber Chiffon Day Scarf from The Earth Collection

Collection Details:
Hand crafted with love in Ashland, Oregon, Joy's versatile hand-painted silk scarf features cozy silk chiffon, in rich earthy tones of amber, natures time capsule. Add versatility to your wardrobe with this delightfully wearable art scarf.


Product Highlights:
Lightweight and luxurious, Joy’s Amber Chiffon Scarf adds a refined touch to your ensemble, offering chic style for every occasion. A luscious ombré of warm colors associated with caramel, honey and chocolate.


Enhance your wardrobe with Joy's elegant Amber Chiffon Silk Scarf. Order now to make it yours and explore more of Joy's hand painted silk scarves and shawls.


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  • 8 x 54 inches
  • Hand Painted Chiffon Silk
  • Traditional hand-rolled hems.
  • Silk Care
  • Artist Signature to ensure authenticity.
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