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Silk Scarf Style

A beautiful hand painted scarf can really pull an outfit together. I'm excited to share several chic ways to wear silk scarves, with the idea to empower women to look and feel their best through their personal style. There’s something about a silk scarf that gives me a special je ne sais quoi. When I include a silk scarf in my ensemble, I'm instantly transported!

A great scarf has can really elevate an outfit — adding a scarf to your look makes you feel polished and pulled together. A small or large scarf, can really pull together an ensemble, whether it’s for a casual gathering, date night or a business event.

You can use these style tips with scarves you already own, to get out of your “scarf rut” and into that je ne sais quoi that makes you feel chic and confident about your look.

1. Like a Tie

Taking a cue from menswear style, tie your long rectangular silk scarf like a tie. Keep it loose for an effortless vibe or more tightly if you prefer. Try this look with a relaxed button-down to fill the open neckline.

2. High Neck

A large rectangular or square silk scarf can be the perfect accessory when you want to add a finishing touch to your outfit. Wrap or knot it high around your neck and let the ends drape naturally. If you are using a square scarf, fold it into a rectangle shape first.

3. Over a Turtleneck

Add a silk scarf in the winter months to feel cozy and add style to your basic turtleneck. You can drape or tie your scarf at the neckline or leave it open for a soft and casual effect. You may like a large or small scarf depending on how comfortable you are with wearing scarves. I personally love to wear a large scarf in wintertime, and silk ponchos also work well with this particular style.

4. Tied on a Handbag

Add scarf to your favorite daytime handbag for a pop of color. It’s a fun and easy style detail that can instantly elevate your look! Fashion icon Babe Paley started the purse scarf trend, when a photograph of her with a scarf on her purse was posted in fashion magazines. Tie a hanky sized scarf on one side of the handle or wrap the entire handle if you prefer.

5. Hair Accessory

A silk scarf can be tied onto your ponytail with a knot or a bow, woven into braids, or twisted around a bun for flair. You can use any scarf that fits with your hair style. You can use a bandanna sized scarf to wrap your hair during the day or at night to keep away the frizzies.

6. A Bandana Necklace aka Foulard

Another favorite way to tie a scarf is bandana-style. A square-shaped scarf works best for this technique, as you simply fold it in half and tie it behind your neck. Pull it away from your neck slightly for a more relaxed look. It’s fabulous if you wear a crew neck, as it creates a flattering v-neck shape. It’s also great if you wear something with an open neck, as it fills the space.

7. Belt It

If you happen to have extra-long rectangular scarves in your closet, you can try threading them through your belt loops. This scarf style looks fresh and light when paired with jeans and a casual t-shirt or button-down. Dress it up with a black satin sash for an evening-wear look.

8. Large Square

This classic scarf style can be worn casually with a tee or lend itself to “business casual” with a silk blouse and blazer. You need a larger silk square scarf for this technique. Fold it in half, and after looping it around the back of your neck, tie it in a pretty knot in the front. Be sure to slightly pull the knot away from your neck for a more effortless look.

I hope these style ideas have you feeling inspired! Now, you can assess your personal silk scarf collection and remove the scarves that no longer resonate with your personal style. Next, have fun selecting a few of the scarf-tying techniques I’ve shared with and try them for yourself.

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