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Earth Day Every Day

Updated: Jul 12

From our web host to our studio practices and love of gardening, Joy Hand Painted Silk is pledged to sustainable practices.

The fact is, every day is Earth Day at JHS because we are an exclusively Handmade Production Studio With A Low Carbon Footprint. We made a bit of a splash on Earth Day 2012 when we first launched our Earthsong Mini-Scarflette.

Handmade products are better for the environment because most handmade products do not require a factory or large production facility. I use dedicated brushes with my dyes, meaning the brushes are not rinsed and washed each time they are used. Nearly all hand made items are made in small craft studios and workshops, the transformed shed at the bottom of the garden, or people's own homes. Handmade goods require less energy and natural resources, which result in significantly lower carbon footprints than items made on mass-production assembly lines. If you are interested in more in-depth information, here is an excellent article about relative environmental impacts of various fabrics. My silk fabric supplier is pledged to working directly with silk farms that source alternative forms of energy as much as possible. The fact I start with natural undyed silk is a major plus. Learn more about my silk studio and our practices by watching this virtual studio tour and silk painting demonstration.

Artisanal and heirloom fashion accessories defined by hand made production and a low carbon footprint, paired with timeless designs that may be handed down from generation to generation. Joy Hand Painted Silk proudly upholds ethical and environmental values that our vital for our planet. Our customers love our products for how they look, feel and fit. Being sustainable is an added bonus!

Joy Hand Painted Silk presents seasonally inspired art to wear and accessories that offer an opportunity to escape from global fashion with hand-crafted work that hopes to inspire through light and bring a small amount of joy into your life.

Modern luxury as simplicity, an escape from the dissonance of the industrial and media worlds into a world of peace and harmony. The beauty of this work is that it is for wearing. In the wearing it finds its purpose; transforming the wearer with its light, channeling human energy into a unique presence.

Each scarf is individually painted and steamset by hand in my art studio in Ashland, Oregon, using the finest French silk dyes, known the world over for their brilliance. Limited edition color palettes are seasonally inspired by nature.

High quality standards are assured through the entire process from painting to packing and shipping for your satisfaction. Commissions accepted, please see our Custom Order page for details.

Individually hand painted and signed by the artist. signature Ruana, is prized as a highly versatile addition to your wardrobe. It is a poncho-like garment, similar to a cape, open in front, often worn as a wrap. This classic design allows you to accessorize your personal style with ease and beauty. Lightweight sheer and flowing chiffon is edged and trimmed with a bit of satin to add just the right weight for a perfect drape. Works with elegant and casual outfits.

∙ Hand Painted Silk fashion accessories for wardrobe and home

∙ Yardage and custom orders by commission

∙ 100% Silk Chiffon & Satin Ruanas

∙ Charmeuse, Jacquard, Crepe de Chine & Chiffon shawls and scarves in various dimensions

View the collection of color elements and swatches here.


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