Hand Painted Silk Mesh Scarf with 3 inch hand tied fringe, grey, brown, off white, tied Euro-style on dress form

Silk Scarf - Earth Tones, Geode Fringed Mesh


Serenity, calm and relaxation will be yours when you wear this light as a feather luxury scarf. Hand painted silk mesh, tones of silvery grey, caramel and saturated taupe. Style it with a jacket or sweater and jeans and you are dressed to succeed! Smooth as silk, this beautiful scarf is a perfect gift for any occasion and very wearable all year long. Easy to ship!There is nothing as soft as silk against your skin. Be comfortable and fashionable with this one of a kind hand painted silk scarf. 12 x 60 inches makes this an easy fashion fix when you want a little something to cheer you up!