Silk Ruana - Amethyst Ice

Silk Ruana - Amethyst Ice


Amethyst Ice is a frosty combination of purple, lavender and blue-violet with white. Stark brushstrokes make a lively pattern. This hand painted silk Ruana is from the Gem Collection


Wrap yourself in luxury! Our signature hand painted wearable art silk Ruana is similar to a cape, open in front and worn as a wrap, a shawl or even a scarf. It can be tied and draped in various ways for multiple looks.

Lightweight sheer silk chiffon is trimmed in satin and drapes beautifully, providing added warmth. Not just beautiful, Ruanas are also practical and versatile. Perfect for après beach or

poolside, after boating when the sun goes down, thrown over jeans and a tee, or an overlay for evening wear.

Ideal for travel and for all seasons. Layer several for a dramatic look and count the compliments. 


Measurements : 42 x 79 inches.
Each one of a kind Ruana is signed by the artist. In stock and ready to ship .